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Life and Books and Everything

Episode · 3 months ago

Men and Women in the Church


There is much at stake in God making humanity male and female. Created for one another yet distinct from each other, a man and a woman are not interchangeable—they are designed to function according to a divine fittedness. But when this design is misunderstood, ignored, or abused, there are dire consequences. 

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Women in the Church: A Short, Biblical, Practical Introduction by Kevin DeYoung.  

Men and women—in marriage especially, but in the rest of life as well—complement one another. And this biblical truth has enduring, cosmic significance. From start to finish, the biblical storyline—and the design of creation itself—depends upon the distinction between male and female. Men and Women in the Church is about the divinely designed complementarity of men and women as it applies to life in general and especially ministry in the church. 

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Background of the Book in Question [0:00 – 6:01] 

We’re more confused than ever. [6:01 – 18:11] 

Critiquing the Thin Complementarians [18:11 – 36:21] 

Critiquing the Thick Complementarians [36:21 – 48:44] 

Stop Cherry-picking Examples [48:44 – 58:20] 

The Publishing Conundrum [58:20 – 1:04:24]  

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