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Life and Books and Everything

Episode · 4 months ago

COVID-19 a Year Later: Perspectives from a Pastor and Doctor


Dr. Miguel Núñez, Pastor for Preaching & Vision at IBI and President of Ministerios Integridad & Sabiduría, left his medical practice to follow his passion of preaching the Gospel. When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, he used his medical expertise to assess the situation for The Gospel Coalition. Now, one year later, he again offers his insights to you, along with a conversation about how the preaching of the Gospel is spreading in the Dominican Republic.

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The Wisdom Pyramid [0:00 – 1:26] 

March Madness & COVID-19 [1:26 – 4:05] 

Introducing Dr. Miguel Núñez [4:05 – 6:01] 

Revisiting COVID-19 a Year Later [6:01 – 10:59] 

Why Developing Countries Handled COVID-19 Better [10:59 – 15:11] 

Fear & Surprises [15:11 – 19:27] 

What’s coming next? [19:27 – 22:20] 

What COVID-19 Reveals About Our Spiritual Condition [22:20 – 27:24] 

The Backstory of Dr. Miguel Núñez [27:24 – 33:17] 

The Backstory of the Dominican Republic [33:17 – 43:47] 

Influences in the Gospel Movement of the Dominican Republic [43:47 – 51:10] 

The View of the U.S. Church from Latin America [51:10 – 59:48] 

Americanos Hablando Español [59:48 – 1:04:20]  

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