Life and Books and Everything
Life and Books and Everything

Episode · 5 months ago

Tim Keller on Reformed Resurgence


Timothy Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, is the special guest for this conversation. Along with Collin, Justin, and Kevin, Tim Keller discusses the Reformed movement itself, The Gospel Coalition, and what comes next in Evangelicalism. Along the way you’ll hear advice for evangelizing, warnings about Christian celebrity, and of course book recommendations for pastors and leaders. 

Life and Books and Everything is sponsored by Crossway, publisher of the Short
Studies in Systematic Theology Series, edited by Graham A. Cole and Oren R. Martin. 

The Short Studies in Systematic Theology Series is designed to equip the church to faithfully understand, love, teach, and apply what God has revealed in Scripture about a variety of theological topics. The series gives valuable advice on applying spiritual gifts in the preaching and evangelism ministry. 

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Promoting, Celebrating, & Articulating Systematic Theology [0:00 – 1:30] 

Tim Keller Fighting Sin Not Cancer [1:30 – 17:03] 

Top Book Recommendations for Forming Pastors and Leaders [17:03 – 21:37] 

Tim Keller’s Other Spiritual Gifts [21:37 – 27:13] 

British Evangelicalism [27:13 – 34:20] 

Reading at a Rural Church; Eating in a Big City [34:20 – 39:41] 

Reformed Resurgence: The Young, Restless, & Reformed Movement [39:41 – 51:06] 

Evangelical Celebrities [51:06 – 54:33] 

How to Define Evangelicalism: Models vs. Institutions [54:33 – 1:00:34] 

More About the Pastor Celebrity Experience [1:00:34 – 1:10:20] 

Post-Movement Evangelistic Strategies [1:10:20 – 1:12:25] 

Encouragement [1:12:25 – 1:15:20] 

Books and Everything: 

Dynamics of Spiritual Life, by Richard F. Lovelace 

Evangelism Through the Local Church, by Michael Green 

Evangelism in the Early Church, by Michael Green 

Between Faith and Criticism, by Mark Noll 

Reformed Resurgence: The New Calvinist Movement and the Battle Over American Evangelicalism, by Brad Vermurlen  

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