Life and Books and Everything
Life and Books and Everything

Episode · 4 months ago

Division, Whataboutism, & Christian Nationalism


Why is it so hard to acknowledge when our opponents get something right? Or
to admit when we are wrong? Why do so few people see that BOTH this issue AND that issue can be right or wrong? Collin, Justin, and Kevin discuss these divisions that we experience on this episode. They also ask, “What is Christian Nationalism?” Listen to the end for the book recommendations and scroll down for the links. 

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The Short Studies in Biblical Theology Series is designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story culminating in Jesus Christ. In each volume, a trusted scholar traces an important topic through God’s word and explores its significance for the Christian life. 

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The Best Person to Disagree With [0:00 – 1:46] 

Collin’s Jolly Holiday [1:46 – 4:17] 

A Brief Digression on Morally Problematic Television [4:17 – 7:34] 

Justin’s COVID Christmas [7:34 – 10:53] 

VidAngel & Cobra Kai [10:53 – 12:15] 

Kevin’s December Viewing [12:15 – 17:45] 

Both/And: Why is it so hard to see both sides of an issue? [17:45 – 25:54] 

Both/And: Should we even want this approach? [25:54 – 35:23] 

Whataboutism & Selective Policing [35:23 – 40:57] 

Christian Nationalism [40:57 – 56:16] 

Book Recommendations Featuring Pro-Life and MLK, Jr. Topics [56:16 – 1:08:25] 

Books and More Books: 

The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture, by Scott

Defending Life, by Francis J. Beckwith 

Beyond Racial Gridlock: Embracing Mutual Responsibility, by George Yancey 

Letter from a Birmingham Jail, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times, by David S. Reynolds 

The Attributes of God: An Introduction, by Gerald Bray 

Forty Questions About the End Times, by Eckhard Schnabel 

The Bible and the Future, by Anthony A. Hoekema 

Not Tragically Colored: Freedom, Personhood, and the Renewal of Black America,
by Ismael Hernandez 

America in the King Years, by Taylor Branch 

Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, by Clarke D. Forsythe 

Concise Guide to Conservatism, by Russell Kirk 

The Myth of the Lost Cause: Why the South Fought the Civil War and Why the North Won, by Edward H. Bonekemper, III 

Geerhardus Vos: Reformed Biblical Theologian, Confessional Presbyterian, by Danny E. Olinger 

Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day, by Jake Knapp and John

Heralds of the King: Christ-Centered Sermons in the Tradition of Edmund P. Clowney, edited by Dennis E. Johnson 

For Christ and the University: The Story of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of
the USA - 1940-1990, by Keith Hunt, Gladys Hunt 

C. Stacey Woods and the Evangelical Rediscovery of the University, by A.
Donald MacLeod 

Moral, Believing Animals: Human Personhood and Culture, by Christian Smith 

Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth: 12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice, by Thaddeus J. Williams 

Minds Wide Shut: How the New Fundamentalisms Divide Us, by Gary Saul Morson and Morton Schapiro 

R. C. Sproul: A Life, by Stephen J. Nichols 

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