Life and Books and Everything
Life and Books and Everything

Episode 19 · 1 year ago

'Bavinck: A Critical Biography,' with Dr. James Eglinton


In this episode of Life and Books and Everything, Dr. James Eglinton joins Kevin to discuss his latest work, Bavinck: A Critical Biography.

Listen in for a fascinating look at the history of the modern Reformed tradition as told through the story of one of its greatest theologians, Herman Bavinck. Topics include Bavinck's Dutch Calvinistic context, his desire to apply Reformed orthodoxy to modern dilemmas, his association with the women's rights movement, if Bavinck was an evangelical, and his children and grandchildren's involvement in the Nazi resistance.

This episode of Life and Books and Everything is brought to you by Crossway. The Crossway title we want to highlight in this episode is Concise Theology by J. I Packer. Theology is important for the Christian life. And though it is marked by many complex terms and doctrines, there is yet what J. I. Packer calls “the permanent essentials of Christianity.” This concise introduction to these essential doctrines distills theological truths so both scholar and layperson alike can grow to treasure the unchanging pillars of the Christian faith.

Resources mentioned:

Bavinck: A Critical Biography by James Eglinton - 40% off HERE 

Reformed Dogmatics (4 Volume Set) by Herman Bavinck

The History of Scottish Theology, Volume I: Celtic Origins to Reformed Orthodoxy by David Fergusson and Mark Elliot

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