Life and Books and Everything
Life and Books and Everything

Episode 15 · 1 year ago

Discerning My Vocation, with Dr. Julius Kim


In this episode of Life and Books and Everything, Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, and Justin Taylor are joined by Dr. Julius Kim—President of The Gospel Coalition—to discuss each other’s seminary experiences, issues in evangelicalism, how to discern one’s vocational calling, how to be a better preacher, and, last but not least, which books have been most influential in the life and ministry of Dr. Kim.

This episode of Life and Books and Everything is brought to you by Crossway, a publisher whose goal is to publish gospel-centered, Bible-centered content that will honor our Savior and serve his Church. The Crossway title we want to highlight in this episode is, Weep With Me: How Lament Opens a Door for Racial Reconciliation by Mark Vroegop, with contributions by Thabiti Anyabwile, Trillia Newbell, Jarvis Williams, John Onwuchekwa, Collin Hansen, Mika Edmondson, and more. In an effort to bridge the canyon of misunderstanding, insensitivity, and hurt, Mark Vroegop writes about the practice of lament. Vroegop invites readers to mourn with him over the brokenness that has caused division and to use lament to begin the journey toward a diverse and united church. Pick up your copy of Weep With Me by Mark Vroegop today.


Weep With Me: How Lament Opens a Door for Racial Reconciliation by Mark Vroegop [0:00 - 1:43]

Where we went to seminary and the different branches in evangelicalism [1:43 - 27:58]

Wrestling with my vocational calling [27:58 - 39:38]

How to become a better preacher [39:38 - 52:10]

What books most influenced Julius Kim over the years and what he is reading now [52:10 - 58:07]

Julius Kim’s prior wedding band career [58:07 - 1:06:38]

Books and authors that have influenced Julius Kim:

Knowing God by J. I. Packer

How Should We Then Live?: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture by Francis Shaeffer

Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

Institutes of Elenctic Theology (3 Volume Set) by Francis Turretin

The Heart of a Servant Leader: Letters from Jack Miller by John C. Miller

Influenced by Ed Clowney, Henri Nouwen, and Eugene Peterson.

Books that Julius Kim is reading right now:

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi

Institutional Intelligence: How to Build an Effective Organization by Gordan T. Smith

Resources mentioned:

Preaching the Whole Counsel of God: Design and Deliver Gospel-Centered Sermons by Julius Kim

Reformed Theology in America: A History of Its Modern Development by David F. Wells

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