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Life and Books and Everything

Episode · 3 weeks ago

Thinking Biblically About Abuse


In this episode, Kevin is joined by Dr. James Newheiser, theDirector of the Christian Counseling Program and Associate Professor ofChristian Counseling and Pastoral Theology at RTS Charlotte. Attitudes towardabuse, both inside and outside the church, have changed dramatically withinrecent generations. How can pastors deal with this issue Biblically in theircongregations? 

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God Has to Say About Our Bodies
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In What God Has to Say about Our Bodies, Sam Allberry explains that all of us are fearfully and wonderfully made and should regard our physicality as a gift. He offers biblical guidance for living, including understanding gender, sexuality, and identity; dealing with aging, illness, and death; and considering the physical future hope that we have in Christ. 

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What God Has to Say About Our Bodies [0:00 – 1:27] 

Dr. James R. Newheiser, Jr. [1:27 – 7:01] 

Talking About Abuse [7:01 – 12:31] 

Defining Abuse [12:31 – 16:00] 

Matthew 18 or Romans 13? [16:00 – 24:52] 

Maxims That Try to Help but Cause More Hurt [24:52 – 27:03] 

“Always believe the victim.” [27:03 – 32:14] 

“If you feel abused, then you were abused.” [32:14 – 36:36] 

“It’s never the victim’s fault.” [36:36 – 44:12] 

Marital Separation [44:12 – 48:13] 

Authority: Good and Bad [48:13 – 54:56] 


Books and Everything: 

What God Has to Say About Our Bodies, by Sam Allberry  

When Words Matter Most: Speaking Truth with Grace to Those You Love, by Cheryl Marshall and Caroline Newheiser  

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