Life and Books and Everything

Life and Books and Everything

By Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, Justin Taylor


Life and Books and Everything is a podcast hosted by Kevin DeYoung, Justin Taylor, and Collin Hansen where discussions are centered on, well, life and books and a little bit of everything.

On any given episode, Kevin, Justin, and Collin may end up discussing sports, movies, politics, history, ministry, or current events. You’ll get some serious stuff, some humor, and some wonderful recommendations on outstanding Midwestern cuisine.

Mostly, you’ll hear about books—books we like, books we don’t like, books we want to read, books we want to write, books we want on a desert island, books for pastors and leaders, books for moms and dads, fiction books, theology books, history books, philosophy books, new books, old books—you get the idea.

And from time to time, we interview Christian leaders to talk about the books they’ve written and the books they’re reading.

We hope you’ll stop by and spend some time with us as well on Life and Books and Everything.